Please Note: You may find it helpful to print this page to help assemble your resources for completing the Block Business Group Membership Application.

You will need the following resources to complete the application:

Articles of Incorporation or Partnership for your business, including

  • Business Name and d/b/a name
  • Federal Tax ID Number

Personal information for you and all principal owners or partners, including titles, home address and phone numbers, and Social Security Numbers

Credit information for your business, including

  • Checking Account Number and date established
  • Bank name and address, and Bank contact (Loan Officer)
  • Trade References from three (3) suppliers, including:
    • Supplier name
    • Supplier account number
    • Date supplier account established

Drop-Ship information for your various locations (if applicable), including

  • Addresses of all location that require drop-ship authorization
  • Distinguish which (if any) of these locations are laboratories

Account Numbers for all vendors whose accounts you wish to convert to Block Business Group